Natural Menu Puppy 5 kg

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Natural Menu Puppy 5 kg

Semi-moist food with fresh meat for puppies.

Innovative way of production:
During the preparation process of NATURAL MENU, min.70% of fresh chicken meat is used. Added digestible ingredients such as rice, hydrolysed meat proteins, dehydrated meat and all the essential minerals and vitamins for the body of the dog. These materials are cooked slowly and at low temperature in their own juices without additional water. In this way the high nutritional value, the high taste and the excellent quality of NATURAL MENU foods are achieved.

Semi-liquid food:
Since NATURAL MENU is cooked in its own meat juices and dehydrated at room temperature, it has a higher moisture content than an ordinary dry food. With 18% moisture, exclusively derived from meat juices, NATURAL MENU is nothing but dry. This makes it extremely digestible but also delicious! Dogs love the juicy and juicy dry food NATURAL MENU.

Specially designed for puppies, regardless of size and breed, Can be given to smaller puppies during the weaning period. Natural Menu Growth, provides all the necessary ingredients for proper development of the musculoskeletal system.

Fresh chicken meat (70%), corn, rice, fishmeal LT, dehydrated chicken meat, vegetable protein concentrate, maize gluten, dehydrated lamb meat, beet pulp, hydrolyzed chicken proteins, linseed oil, potassium chloride.







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