Meradog Essential Adult Light 1kg

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Meradog Essential Adult Light 1kg

Complete food for all adult dogs, recommended for dogs with tendency to extended storage of fat.

Properly balanced, high quality components of Mera Dog Light ensure proper nutrition and maintenance of dog's good shape. Reduced fat affects the reduction of body weight and addition of dietary fibre brings the feeling of satiety what causes decrease of eaten doses of food. L-carnitine, by taking part in beta-oxidation of long-chained fatty acids, stimulates fat burn what decreases amount of fat tissue.


Corn, poultry meal, barley, rice, dried beet pulp, vegetable fibre, animal fats, fish meal, flax-seed, brewers yeast, dried eggs, hydrolysed animal poultry, minerals, chicory extract, yucca schidigera extract.




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