Belcando Junior Lamb And Rice 15kg

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Belcando Junior Lamb And Rice 15kg + 2kg 

Complete dog food for raising young dogs of medium-sized and larger breeds from 4 months of age.

Selected raw materials with balanced proportions of energy and minerals ensure balanced growth. Lots of tender lamb and easily digestible rice make BELCANDO® Junior Lamb & Rice ideal for sensitive young dogs as well. Valuable chia seeds promote digestion with natural mucins and supply essential fatty acids.



Fresh lamb meat, liver, lung (total: 30 %); Rice (30 %); Fodder oat flour; Lamb protein, dried (10 %); Poultry protein, low ash, dried (7,5 %); Fish meal from seafish (3,5 %); Dried beet pulp, desugared; Egg, dried; Gelatine, hydrolysed (2,5 %); Brewers’ yeast, dried (2,5 %); Carob pods, dried; Poultry fat; Vegetable oil (palm, coconut); Chia seeds (1,5 %); Poultry liver, hydrolysed; Sodium chloride; Potassium chloride




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