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Bunny Guinea Pig Dream Young 1.5kg

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Bunny Guinea Pig Dream Young 1.5kg

Complete food for guinea pigs up to 5 months of age.

INGREDIENTS: Permanent grassland vegetation (grass-fed grass, fescue or grass-fed, foxed grass-fed, German meadow grass, fescue-red, grass-fed, thistle, orchid, white-tailed, mulberry dechampsia cespitosa, reed falcon, reptile clover, clover grass, dandelion leaves, aphid leaves, lanceolate, carnivorous, carminid, anthriscus sylvestris, filth sepium), congenital, cotton - cauliflower gooseberry, camomile, asparagus, veronica hamidrys, alchemy, anise major, narrow leaves, saxifraga granulata, potentilla, veronica ageris, draba verna, dandelion, capricilla , oatmeal, sunflower extract, carrot pulp, corn plant, linseed extract, rapeseed flour, carrots, brewing seeds, lignocellulose, sweet pepper, linseed, artichoke leaves, artichoke leaves phosphorus As calcium, yarrow leaves, dandelion leaves, calcium carbonate, maca radical.

ANALYSIS: Crude protein 14%, total fats 2.8%, total fiber 20%, starch 6.1%, ash 8.5%, calcium 0.9%, phosphorus 0.45%.

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