Bunny Freshgrass Hay Carrot 500gr

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Bunny Freshgrass Hay Carrot Grass 500gr

Food mix for rabbits and rodents.

Straw is an essential ingredient in many animals' diet and for this reason its feed content is very high. It is a decisive factor in a balanced diet and in a holistic way. The bunny FreshGrass Hay provides the highest quality with the largest variety of plants.

• 18 different plants *
• Gentle drying indoors
• Rich in fiber, crisp and dust free

Ingredients: grass, carrot 10%

* (timothy grass, meadow fescue, Alopecurus pratensis grass, rye grass, red fescue, hay, grass, ringworm, fescue grass (German), German rye grass, dandelion, lily, sturgeon wild leaf

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