Proden Plaque Off Powder For Cats 40gr

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Proden Plaque Off Powder For Cats 40gr

PlaqueOff is a highly nutritious, natural nutritional supplement that contains a patented seaweed with proven benefits to cat oral hygiene. Available in powder form that is easily added to food. Even more delicious for cats. Recommended by veterinarians in over 50 countries. It is used against odor and existing stone and / or as soon as permanent teeth start to appear. The Proden Plaque Off operates via a systematic route.

Quantity: 40g

  • Ideal for removing odor, dental stone and plaque.
  • Significant improvement is observed at week 3 of treatment
  • Can be used preventively!
  • Available in 40g powder form which is easily added to cat food.


- Eliminates the unpleasant odor

- Limits dental plaque buildup

- Limits stone formation

- Significantly reduces the already available tartar

- Restores gum health

Composition: Specially selected seaweed Ascophyllum Nodosum D1070, yeast, natural source vitamin B complex.

Category: Oral hygiene product

Average Analysis: Iodine 0.08%, Humidity 12%, Raw Fat 1%, Raw Fibers <8%, Ash 21%

Directions for Use: Add 1 teaspoon to the food once daily. Shake well before use. The teaspoon is included. The special composition of Plaque Off Special Cats makes it particularly delicious.

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