Bunny Rabbit Dream Basic 750gr

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Bunny Rabbit Dream Young 750gr

Complete feed for dwarf rabbits from the 6th month of age.

INGREDIENTS: Permanent pasture vegetation (lime-tree grass, fescue or grassland, alpine-leaved grass, German meadow grass, fescue or red, grass-fed, rhubarb, oak, white-tailed, oak, oak Dechampsia cespitosa, reed falcon, shamrock clover, clover grassland, dandelion leaves, sturgeon leaves, lanceolate, carnivorous, anthriscus sylvestris, anthracus sylvestris sepium), congenital, cotton - cauliflower thornbush, camomile, asparagus, veronica, chamomile, alchemy, anise major, narrow leafy, saxifraga granulata, potentilla, veronica, draba verna, dandelion, capricilla oatmeal, sunflower extract, linseed extract, fruit pulp, carrot pulp, wheat bran, rapeseed flour.

ANALYSIS: Crude protein 13%, total fats 2.7%, total fibrous substances 21%, starch 6%, ash 8.5%, calcium 0.6%, phosphorus 0.4%, sodium 0.18%

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