Happy Dog Fit And Well Maxi Adult 15kg

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Happy Dog Fit And Well Maxi Adult 15kg

For adult adult dogs of 26 kg with normal energy needs {23/12}.

Adult Maxi contains 23% of optimal quality protein and 12% fat adjusted with essential unsaturated omega 3 fatty acids and omega 6 of valuable animal and plant sources.

It also contains the valuable New Zealand mussel that offers high digestibility.

Thanks to the specially designed croquet, with the unique in its kind Happy Dog Supreme LifePlus Concept®, natural ingredients are perfectly suited for all large adult dogs as 26 pounds of body weight.

The energy content is adjusted for mobility about 2 - 3 hours a day.

INGREDIENTS: Corn, meat powder, poultry, lard, lamb powder, fish powder, rice flour, beef fat, poultry fat, hemoglobin (dry) hydrolysed liver, beet molasses, sunflower oil (0 75% (0%) dry yeast (dry) (0%) egg powder sodium chloride yeast (dry) potassium chloride rapeseed oil (0 25%) barley (0% ) licorice lion ginger leaves birch nettle sage coriander rosemary thyme licorice mussel meat (dry) (0%) ham Milia filipentoula agrioskordo. (grasses in total: 0 14%)


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