Haquoss DM1 Conditioner 1000ml

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Haquoss DM1 Conditioner 1000ml

Adjuvant product for water purification which thanks to its composition makes tap water immediately suitable for fish and invertebrates for fresh and marine water aquariums. Stabilizes the PH to neutral values ​​(7). Helps molting of shellfish and shrimp. Avoid overdose. We recommend pairing with HAQUOSS H26 ALOE SHIELD for newly installed aquariums and during partial changes of water.

-It contains ALOE VERA for the protection of mucous membranes

-It contains HUMUS as in nature in light and dark waters

-Eliminates chlorine and chloramines in a very short time

-Increases the vitality of fish

-It favors the molting of shrimps and crustaceans

-Eliminates transport stress



NEW WATER: 1ml every 4lt

PARTIAL WATER: 1ml per 4lt of water replaced

1 cap: 5ml

50ml treat 200lt

100ml treat 400lt

250ml treat 1000lt

1000ml treat 4000lt

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