Whiskas Adult Beef 2kg

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Whiskas Adult Beef 2kg

Complete dry food for adult cats aged over 12 months old.

If your cat loves a tasty meal, how do you think it would feel about stuffed croquettes, crispy on the outside with delicious meat inside? WHISKAS dry food is now tastier than ever, thanks to the stuffed meat croquettes. At the same time it offers 100% complete and balanced nutrition, so that your cat is healthy inside and wonderful outside!

Whiskas cat dry food contains meat rich in protein, natural oils - for shiny hair and minerals - to maintain a healthy urinary system, such as taurine - for good heart function and Vitamins A - for healthy eyesight. , E and D3. And because every cat goes crazy for crunchy vegetable croquettes, we've added carrots and peas for even more flavor.


Cereals, meat and animal by-products (average 4% beef in red pieces), oils and fats, vegetable protein extracts, vegetable by-products, minerals, vegetables (4% carrots in orange pieces, 4% peas in green pieces).


Protein 32.0%, crude fat 11.5%, crude fiber 2.0%, crude ash 8.0%, calcium 1.4%, phosphorus 1.1%, omega 6-fat 2.0%.


Vitamin A (4,090 IU / kg), Vitamin D3 (450 IU / kg), Vitamin E (95 mg / kg), Copper sulphate pentahydrate (9.6 mg / kg), Manganese sulphate monohydrate (II) (51.36) mg / kg), potassium iodide (0.79 mg / kg), sodium selenium (0.38 mg / kg), taurine (1,920 mg / kg), zinc sulfate monohydrate (138 mg / kg).



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