Tonus Dog Chow Puppy Small Breed Chicken 2,5kg

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Tonus Dog Chow Puppy Small Breed Chicken 2,5kg

Dry food for small breed puppies.

With the right protein and fat levels carefully balanced to support muscle mass without unnecessary fat for small breed dogs.

With a natural prebiotic that has been shown to help improve digestive health. Purina DOG CHOW / Tonus Adult Small Breed recipes are made with chicory, a source of natural prebiotic, which has been shown to help increase beneficial bowel bacteria, helping to improve digestive health. DOG CHOW / Tonus

Croquettes in two shapes for good oral health. PURINA DOG CHOW / TONUS crochetes are specially formulated to encourage chewing and maintain good oral health. Our nutritionists, as well as breeders, have carefully controlled this combination of croquettes to ensure they are fit and offer enjoyment to adult dogs of different breeds.

Essential nutrients such as fatty acids to support healthy skin and beautiful shiny coat for adult small breed dogs.

Essential minerals and vitamins to support strong teeth and bones.

Essential amino acids that help support the function of vital organs such as the heart.







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