Tetra Aqua Safe 250ml

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Tetra Aqua Safe 250ml

Tap water conditioner.

Tetra AquaSafe takes care of neutralizing your tap water before you add it to your aquarium. All tap water should be treated before being added to any tank. This special conditioner made in-house by experts at Tetra, can be applied in both fresh water and saltwater aquariums.

This 250ml bottle of Tetra AquaSafe works quickly and effectively to make tap water safe for all your fish and other tank inhabitants. It contains Vitamin B1 to assist with reducing stress levels within your fish and also contains colloid to protect your fish against wounds and abrasions by coating the gills and fins. 

Tetra AquaSafe also protects against bacterial and fungal infections, aiding the healing process within your fish for a rapid recovery when suffering from any immune-depleting conditions. 

Note: Tetra AquaSafe should be applied in specific units of 5millilitres of tetra AquaSafe for every 10 litres of water





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