Repello Repellent Spray

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Repello Repellent Spray

Repellent spray for cats and their surrounding area against kala azar and adult heartworms.

Repello Spray Spray contains a specialized formula of five high-activity plant extracts with strong repellent properties that, due to their bio-synergistic action, offer powerful anti-parasitic protection. Contains Neem, Eucalyptus globulus, Lavender oil extract, Citriodiol, Pine oil needles. Thanks to its natural, non-toxic ingredients, Repello Spray is completely safe for animals and humans, and can also be used in puppies.

It has a pleasant and friendly fragrance that lasts, while the Neem oil contained, besides its repellent effect, provides hydration to the skin and contributes to a shiny and soft coat.

Size: 500ml

Usage: Spray 2 times a week the entire body and the remaining days the hairless spots.







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