Repelkito Herbal Antiparasitic Spray

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Repelkito Herbal Antiparasitic Spray

Insect repellent spray for cats.


  • 125 ml
  • Duration 5-7 hours
The Relelkito anti-parasitic spray repels mosquitoes, ticks, lice, flies, gnats, fleas, haymakers and mites. It contains the natural insect repellent citriodiol (citriodiol) as well as pelargonium graveolens extract lice repellant.
Scope of application: The cats's coat and its surrounding area.
Targets: mosquitoes, ticks, lice, flies, gnats, fleas, haymakers, mites
Doses: spraying from a distance of 15 cm into the cats's coat or in the surrounding area.
Application time: throughout the year.
Method of application: Applied to the entire body of the cat with spray hair, with particular emphasis on the legs and feet, away from her face.



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