Pro Plan Duo Delice Adult Beef And Rice 10kg

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Pro Plan Duo Delice Adult Beef And Rice 10kg

Complete dog food for adult dogs.


  • Double texture: a combination of tender shredded meat and crunchy kibble
  • With hearty beef and easy to digest rice
  • Great taste with a unique chew experience
  • 100% complete and balanced dry food
  • Correct ratio of nutrients and additives supports your dog's health and happiness
  • Easy to digest, well accepted
  • Selected fibre aids reduction and improvement of faeces as well as encouraging a more effective, healthy digestive system
  • Possible reduction of dental plaque due to the effect of chewing on the kibble
  • No artificial colours, taste enhancers or preservatives


Beef (17%), wheat, corn, dehydrated poultry protein, animal fat, wheat gluten meal, dried beet pulp, corn meal, rice (4%), minerals, autolysate, propylene glycol, powdered egg, fish oil, malt flour




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