Pro Plan Sterilised Turkey 1,5kg

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Pro Plan Sterilised Turkey 1,5kg

Balanced and complete dry cat food for adult neutered cats.


  • Skin & Coat: Vitamin A, linoleic acid and zinc, to improve skin's texture and elasticity. Essential fatty acids from fish oil, to ensure thick, glossy fur
  • Digestive System: higher protein content and reduced carbohydrate to promote moderate blood sugar levels and limited fat deposits
  • Urinary Health: Strengthened protection with OptiRenal: improved urinary function through essential minerals and urine PH-control, to lower the risk of kidney stones in neutered cats
  • Immune System: High protein content for building antibodies and helpful antioxidants, to support quick disease resistance


Turkey (20%), corn gluten meal, rice, poultry protein (dehydrated), maize, pea protein concentrate, wheat gluten meal, wheat fibers, powdered egg, minerals, animal fat, fish oil, autolysate and yeast.





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