Pro Plan Kitten Original Chicken 400gr

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Pro Plan Kitten Original Chicken 400gr

Complete food for kittens (1-12 months) and pregnant or nursing cats.


  • Skin & Coat: Vitamin A, linoleic acid and zinc, to improve skin's texture and elasticity. Essential fatty acids from fish oil, to ensure thick, glossy fur.
  • Digestive System: High-quality grains, natural prebiotics and rice, for easy digestion and noticeable odour reduction in the litter box
  • Urinary Health: Strengthened protection with OptiRenal: improved urinary function through essential minerals and urine PH-control, to lower the risk of kidney stones
  • Immune System: High protein content for building antibodies and helpful antioxidants, to support quick disease resistance


Chicken (20%), dehydrated poultry protein, maize gluten meal, rice, animal fat, maize, wheat gluten meal, corn starch, dried egg, minerals, autolysate, fish oil, colostrum (0.1%).


Nutritional Supplements: IU / kg: Vitamin A: 36 400, Vitamin D3: 1 180, Vitamin E: 750. mg / kg: Vitamin C: 140, Fe (E1): 335, I (E2): 4.0, Cu (E4 ): 68, Mn (E5): 160, Zn (E6): 570, Se (E8): 0.38. With antioxidants.

Ingredients: Proteins: 40.0%, Fat content: 20.0%, Crude ash: 6.5%, Crude dietary fiber: 0.5%, DHA: 0.05%.

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