Pharmadiet vetGASTRIL 50ml

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Pharmadiet vetGASTRIL 50ml

Dietary supplement to protect the gastric mucosa.

Recommended for:
• Healthy gastric mucosa

Instructions for use:
• Kittens and puppies: up to 5 kg: 1 ml
• Adult cats and small dogs, from 5 to 10 kg: 2 ml
• Medium dogs from 10 to 20 kg: 4 ml
• Large dogs, from 20 to 30 kg: 6 ml
• Large dogs, 30 kg and over: 8 ml
• Ferrets, rabbits, rodents, birds: administer 0.2 ml of product per kilogram of weight
To be given half an hour before eating or medication. If you prefer, you can divide the dose into two divided doses per day. Shake before use. As indicated by the veterinarian.

Box with 20 ml container and dispensing syringe. In gel form for oral administration. In gel form for oral administration.

Technical Details:
Dietary supplement with a composition based on sucrose sulphate and non-absorbable aluminum hydroxide gel to protect the gastric mucosa. When it comes in contact with stomach acids, VETGASTRIL GEL produces a viscous gel that forms a mucous membrane coating. The gel adheres to the proteins that make up the cell membranes of the mucosa, insisting more on any damaged surfaces and forms a protective barrier against the corrosive action of gastric liquids.



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