N&D Low Grain Chicken And Pomegranate Adult Medium Maxi 2.5gr

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N&D Low Grain Chicken And Pomegranate Adult Medium Maxi 2.5gr

Complete food for medium and large breed adult dogs. Olira, oats, chicken, pomegranate.


Fresh chicken without bones (20%), dehydrated chicken meat (18%), olira (10%), oats (10%), chicken fat, whole dehydrated eggs, fresh herring, dehydrated herring, dried nettle pulp, beetroot, pea, dehydrated carrots, dehydrated alfalfa, inulin, fructooligosaccharides, mannanoligosakcharites, powdered pomegranate (0.5%), dehydrated apple, pulverized spinach, psyllium (0.3%), powdered blackcurrant, dehydrated orange, powdered blueberries, sodium chloride, dried brewer's yeast, turmeric ( 0.2%), glucosamine, sulfate chondroitin, flower tagite extract (lutein source).

Additives per kilo

Additional Nutrients Ingredients: Vitamin A 15000UI, Vitamin D3 1500UI, Vitamin E 600mg, Vitamin C 150mg, Niacin 37.5mg, pantothenic acid 15mg, Vitamin B2 7.5 omg45 Vitamin B5 4. Vitamin B5 0. Vitamin B6, 6mg mg, Vitamin B12 0.1mg, Choline chloride 2500mg, Beta-carotene 1.5mg, chiral zinc complex of the hydroxy analogue of methionine 910 mg, manganese chelate complex of the hydroxy analogue of methionine 380mg, chelate iron hydrate compound glycine 250mg, copper chelate of the hydroxy analogue of methionine 88mg, selenomethionine 0.40mg, DL-methionine 4000mg, taurine 1000mg, L-Carnitine 300mg. Additional organoleptic substances: aloe vera extract 1000mg, green tea extract 100mg, rosemary extract. Antioxidants: tocopherol rich in extracts of natural origin.


Crude protein 30.00%, Crude fats and oils 18.00%, Crude fibrinous substances 2.90%, Crude ash 6.80%, Calcium 1.20%, Phosphorus 0.90%, Omega-6 3.30%), Omega 0.2% Omega-3 0.90% , EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) 0.30%, Glucosamine 1200mg / kg, Chondroitin 900mg / kg.


EM Kcal / Kg 4646 - Mj / Kg 19.44


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