Meradog Pure Grain Free Herring, Shrimp And Potato 4kg

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Meradog Pure Grain Free Herring, Shrimp And Potato 4kg

Complete feed for dogs with food allergies.


  • Cell protection: Antioxidants (vitamins C & E, beta-carotine and selenium) for optimal cell protection
  • Fur and Skin: Natural omega 3 & 6 fatty acids (from krill, sunflower oil and linseeds) and zinc chelate
  • Digestion & Stable Intestinal Flora: MOS and chicory inulin prebiotic supplies, to promote balanced intestinal flora and prophylaxis against bad bacteria in the gut
  • Physique and Metabolism: Adequate energy content, high-quality animal protein for building a good musculature and to support metabolism, glucosamine and chondroitin may promote cartilage and joint function
  • Reduced Potential Allergic Reactions: Ideal for many food allergies: Only one protein source, only one carbohydrate source
  • Immune Protection: With colostrum, mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) and beta-glucans


Potatoes (47%, dried), herring flour * (17%), animal fat, potato protein, maritime zooplankton* (krill, 4%, ground), dried beet pulp (sugar removed), animal protein (hydrolyzed), linseed (2%), yeast (2%), monocalcium phosphate, lignocellulose, colostrum (0.5%, de-caseinated, rich in immunoglobulins), seaweed (0.5%, dried), sunflower oil (0.4%), calcium carbonate, yeast extract (dried, = 0.2% beta-glucans / mannan-oligo-saccharides), chicory inulin (0.1%), glucosamine (0.02%), chondroitin sulphate (0.01%).


Vitamin A (12,000 IU/kg), vitamin D3 (1200 IU/kg), vitamin E (300 mg/kg), vitamin C [ascorbyl phosphate] (200 mg/kg), copper [as copper (II) sulphate pentahydrate] (12 mg/kg), zinc [as zinc chelate of glycine hydrate] (80 mg/kg), zinc [as zinc sulphate monohydrate] (80 mg/kg), iron [as iron (II) sulphate monohydrate] (200 mg/kg), manganese [as manganese (II) sulphate monohydrate] (25 mg/kg), iodine [as calcium iodate, anhydrous] (2.3 mg/kg), selenium [as sodium selenite] (0.15 mg/kg).


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