Friskies Vitafit Junior 3kg

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Friskies Vitafit Junior 3kg

Dry food for puppies with chicken, add-on milk and vegetables.

PURINA® Friskies® Vitafit (TM):for dogs full of vitality!
For over 80 years, PURINA® Friskies® has helped entire generations of pet dogs stay happy and full of vitality. You love your dog and the joy it offers to your family, so you want to be sure it will be always vivid, alert and full of vitality.

For this reason, PURINA's veterinarians and nutritionists have created PURINA® Friskies®Vitafit (TM) Junior, a tasty and complete recipe with chicken,
extra milk and vegetables combined with whole grains, vitamins B and omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. A 100% balanced and nutritious meal, with
extra protein and the right levels of vitamins that need puppies to fuel their growth and mood.


Cereals (wholemeal 51%), Meat and animal derivatives (8%) *, Vegetable protein extracts, Oils and fats, Derivatives of vegetable origin, Sugars, Inorganic salts, Milk and derivatives milk (in bone-shaped croquettes: 0.7% skimmed-milk powder equivalent to 4% skimmed milk equivalent), equivalent to 16% reconstituted meat and animal derivatives, with at least 4% chicken.



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