Diafarm Cat Malt 50ml

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Diafarm Cat Malt 50ml

Diafarm Cat Malt prevents the formation of hairballs in cats and stimulates their appetite.

When cats groom themselves, hairs may enter the stomach and disturb digestion. The hair tangles in the stomach to form a ball. Normally hairballs are vomited out, but some can get lodged in the stomach and can only be removed by surgery. Symptoms of a lodged hairball are: eating frequently but only small amounts, chronic vomiting, and gradual weight loss. Lack of exercise also increases the risk of hairballs.

This mild cat malt is a food supplement which soaks existing hairballs, easing passage through the gut without causing loose stools. It has a pleasant taste, so most cats will eat it freely. It can also stimulate the cat's appetite.


Malt, paraffin, liquidum, aqua, propylhydroxybenzoate.


Administer 2-3 cm of cat malt directly into the mouth, 2-3 times daily between meals.




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