In recent years the pet food market has shown a trend towards new, innovative and natural products that will ensure the health of our little friends. And this is justified because pet owners are particularly concerned about the content of packaged foods on the basis of feed recalls.

Diseases that have been created in recent years as a result of poor nutrition, through studies and scientific research, have increased the mortality of pet animals. We've read on several occasions to recall foods that have caused serious illness or even death in companion animals.

The B.A.R.F. (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food), a biologically suitable raw food that was discovered almost 30 years ago by renowned Australian Veterinarian Ian Billinhurst, aims to provide the pet with a complete, safe diet of pure natural ingredients to be happy, healthy and possible without illnesses and allergies.

The complete range of products consists of complete meals and delicacies. Each meal consists of a mixture of vegetables, fruits with superfoods, spices and oils, based on minced meat from Greek meat, without the addition of preservatives or other carcinogenic substances and chemical supplements. All materials are 100% natural and our products are exclusively produced in Greece.

The products are based on the internationally acknowledged for its advantages diet B.A.R.F (burdock), which gives health, energy and shiny hair to pets. Additionally, Nature's Food is legally licensed to produce and market feed for dogs and cats from the Greek Ministry of Rural Development and in particular from the feed department.

Its diet guide is based on 3% of body weight for small doggies, about 2.5% for middle and big dogs and about 2% for giant dogs. However, it is safe to adjust these recommended amounts depending on their lifestyle, appetite and age. For example, puppies have increased dietary needs due to their development with the need for more frequent meals and no food is suggested.

The key to the absolutely quality fresh frozen burgers or bulk is freezing in a short time after it is made. This process is called the deep freeze-shock method at -38 ° C and is used as the most appropriate method of maintaining frozen products since it allows the food to be preserved and stored without the addition of preservatives.

Its advantage is that it retains the nutritional characteristics of the product unaltered such as flavor, texture, color and smell of fresh as it was created by inactivating pathogens such as salmonella, e-coli & listeria.

This is achieved in the specially designed facilities of Nature's Food thanks to advanced freezing technologies, such as blast chillers and maintenance of their products at all stages of processing, transport storage and disposal at points of sale.



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