IMAC Bird Cage Serena Golden-Brown 50x30x50cm

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IMAC Bird Cage Serena Golden-Brown 50x30x50cm

Very nice this rectangular base cage, to house birds like canaries or exotic little ones. Essential in the form, you can choose between the combination of the structure in white painted wire mesh and peach-colored plastic bottom or brass-plated structure and dark brown background. The bottom is equipped with a practical removable drawer for periodic cleaning of the cage. If necessary, it is possible to completely unhook the bottom thanks to the convenient side clips. The handle on the roof allows you to carry the Serena cage with extreme ease. It is also equipped with all the necessary accessories to ensure maximum comfort: two branch-shaped perches, a play swing, a Tweety 100 drinker and two Mia feeders, made of transparent plastic that allow you to keep the food level under control inside of. Extremely practical is the optional Portagabbie 202, a white or brown plastic support, which with swivel wheels allows you to easily move the cage wherever you want.

Size: 50x30x50cm

*The size refers to the external dimensions of the product.



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