Imac Linus Cabrio in 3 Colours

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Imac Linus Cabrio in 3 Colours

Transport box for dogs.

The transport box Imac Linus Cabrio is a quality pet carrier from Imac Italy. It is suitable for cats and small dogs.

The pet carrier Imac Linus Cabrio offers not only safe transport and comfort for you pet, it persuades also with its modern design:

  • made of durable plastic material of high quality
  • strong plastic handles
  • secure metal door
  • small openings on the top for a better ventilation
  • a top door that helps you easily get your pet in and out of the carrier
  • chic colour scheme


Available Colours: pink, brown, blue

Size: 50 x 32 x 34.5cm (L x W x H)







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