Haquoss Phosphator 195gr

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Haquoss Phosphator 195gr

In nature the concentration of phosphates in water is usually not higher than 1 mg / liter, unfortunately in the aquarium it is possible to find even 20-30 times higher concentrations.

This phenomenon, dangerous for its proper functioning, is favored by an excessive number of fish and by the use of feed or fertilizers with a high phosphate content.

A high phosphate (PO4) value, above 1 mg / liter, together with a nitrate (NO3) value above 25 mg / liter creates the conditions for the appearance and proliferation of algae.

In the aquarium the presence of phosphates must be limited to 1 mg / liter for freshwater aquariums and 0.1 mg / liter for marine aquariums, to obtain these values, ​​constant maintenance of the aquarium is necessary, such as partial water changes, siphoning of the bottom, checking and cleaning of the filter (WHICH ARE THE SAME OPERATIONS THAT ARE ADOPTED ALSO FOR NITRATES).

It is necessary to check the value of phosphates and nitrates monthly, with the appropriate HAQUOSS PO4 CONTROL and HAQUOSS NO3 CONTROL tests.

If these values ​​should be high (> 1 mg / liter) it is necessary to intervene using HAQUOSS PHOSPHATOR.

This resin is able to eliminate even the silicates, after removing the phosphates. It does NOT contain aluminum, a substance usually present in this kind of product. The resin also eliminates bad odors caused by the dirty filter or leftover feed and can be used in air filters for ozonizers.


400ml remove 1 ppm of phosphates or silicates in 200lt of water to be treated.

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