Dog Clothing in Winter


Dog Clothing in Winter: Fashion or Need?

Konstantinos Sfikas


For many, dog wear in winter can be a matter of fashion. Others see it as an extreme caprice to the owners who choose to dress their puppies. But is there a real need behind all this?

Let's think a little bit about ourselves. We always change our clothes before we go out or when we return home. Surely if we move in and out of the house with the same clothes we will either warm up when we are at home or cool down when we go out. Or both!

Bringing our puppy now in place, it is not possible to change his hair to lengthen and inflate it by coming out and respectively shortening and diluting it by entering the home. So the garment can protect your puppy by going outside, which you will remove when he or she returns home so that it does not get warm. Of course, the garment protects the puppy from getting dirty on his hair, which is important for long-haired animals.

It should be noted that small dogs are much more susceptible to cold than long-haired dogs, and these are most in need of protection.

There are various types of clothing to suit all needs, from cold pants to raincoats so you don't have to worry about your dog getting wet when he comes out. In the meantime there are many options to meet every need and taste!

Many will ask "But dogs that live outside why they have no problem with the cold?" The answer is simple. Nature provides dogs with richer hair in winter - even short hair - so they can cope with the weather. This is unfortunately not the same for a dog who lives in the house at temperatures of 20 degrees or more.

In addition to clothing, there are other accessories to protect your dog, such as special shoes to protect his feet from contact with cold or frosty ground.

We see that winter clothing can finally be beyond fashion and a real need for our beloved four-legged friends!



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