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Welcome to the web site of QUIKO MEGA PET, the largest and most modern Pet Shop in Greece and one of the largest in Europe!

We are waiting you to visit each page of our new web site. Get informed about our company, our pets and products, the services we offer, consult us about the care of your new friend.

Whatever you wish to find about dogs, cats, canaries and parrots, fish and aquariums, bunnies and rodents, iguanas and snakes and all other pets that are allowed in Pet Shops you will find it here.

Pet Boutique
Pet Boutique Ladies
Grooming in Aristotelous!
Our great service now in the center of Thessaloniki!
Grooming in Beauty Salon
We take care of your dog's good looks!
Our veterinarian is your advisor!

Quiko Mega Pet (central), Georgikis Sholis Ave. 142
57001 Thermi Thessaloniki, Τ. 2310 489070
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[email protected], Aristotelous 19 & Ermou 49 corner, Thessaloniki, Τ. 2310 276203
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Quiko Mega Pet

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