Haquoss Sip Glax 540gr

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Haquoss Sip Glax 540gr

The essential material of the aquarium filtering system is the one that allows the housing of CHEMIOETEROTROPHES bacteria that will decompose the organic substances produced by the flora and fauna present, a fundamental process to close the biological cycle and keep fish alive. These bacteria decompose AMMONIA and NITRITES (produced from the feces and urine of fish, from dead leaves and leftover food) which are highly toxic and even fatal to fish in the aquarium.

Usually for this purpose "ceramic rings" are used which are known to have an internal hole. This material does NOT allow you to make the most of the bacteria's potential to settle.

HAQUOSS SIP GLAX thanks to the material of which it is composed (SINTERED GLASS WITH POROUS AND ADSORBENT MOLECULAR STRUCTURE) allows the installation of a number of bacteria up to 20 times (!!) higher than normal ceramic rings.

Particularly suitable for overcrowded aquariums, for marine aquariums or for filters of small dimensions in relation to the volume of the tank.


Rinse the product under running hot water before use to eliminate any residual dust; 540 grams per 300 liters of aquarium capacity (double for seawater).

NEVER RINSE the product during use and replace 50% of the mass every year.

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