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Pfizer VMP Tablets

VMP tablet



A basic prerequisite for the health of pets is a proper, balanced and adaptable diet depending on the occasion. The dog's and cat's ancestors ate prey, and in addition to eating meat (album, protein, fat), they also ate the bones, entrails and intestines of their prey (vitamins, minerals). Therefore, their development was correct and balanced. Today, in the diet of your animals, you must take this balance of nutrients seriously. The food you prepare yourself e.g. from other foods it is almost never balanced (contains for example too many carbohydrates) and therefore does not meet the needs of vitamins and minerals. However, ready-made foods are not a guarantee for the proper nutrition of your animals, they are sufficient for normal conditions, but they are not adapted to the many unusual situations that arise in the life of an animal, which due to changes in its metabolism creates an increased need for vitamins and In these cases, the animal, despite the supposed proper nutrition, is unwell, acquires hard and dull hair, or does not have its usual vitality. The tablets Pfizer VMP Tablets, after diet research, found It has been suggested that they contain a balanced combination of all the important vitamins, minerals and proteins (digestible album), in sufficient doses. The combination of substances is specially adapted to the needs of the dog and the cat during the developmental stage. In addition, the tablets strengthen the animal's body during periods of special stress, act as a valuable biological enhancer against aging and enhance the vitality and energy of the animal. Important is the high normal value of the individual substances contained in these tablets.


Vitamin A: Improves growth, hair, eyesight and increases resistance to infections. Vitamin B complex: For growth, appetite and good digestion. Vitamin D3: Especially important for animals living in the house without the sun seeing them. Important for bone and tooth development. Vitamin E: Particularly important for the vitality of dogs and the fertility of dogs and cats. It promotes the metabolism of carbohydrates and albumin and increases the use of oxygen by all tissues. Biotin: Prevents hair loss and discoloration. Lack of biotin in cats leads to drying of the mucous membranes in the corners of the mouth, eyes and nose. The skin loses its elasticity and shows stretch marks. Biotin plays an important role in protein and energy metabolism during the process of releasing stored energy. Especially important for the vitality of dogs and the fertility of dogs and their. For growth, appetite and good digestion. Improves growth, hair, eyesight and increases resistance to infections. Calcium and phosphorus: For healthy bones and teeth. Iron: Important for the absorption of oxygen by red blood cells. , and the hormone insulin. It prevents premature hardening of the upper layers of the skin and thus helps maintain hair. Yeast proteins: They are important substances for all tissues of the body. Lecithin: Favors the metabolic function of the brain and nerves. In a stressful situation, it is used directly by the brain as a source of energy and thus prevents the reduction of the animal's activity. They are important substances for all body tissues.

Tablets with vitamins, trace elements, proteins. Only for dogs and cats.


Content of substances

30% Protein,  5.4% Calcium, 5% Fat, 4.2% Phosphorus, 28% Ash, 1.8% Magnesium, 1% Fiber.

Content of vitamins and minerals per kg

Vitamin A 700000 I.U.

> D3 10000 I.U.

Vitamin E 2300 mg

Vitamin B1 500 mg

Vitamin B2 500 mg

Vitamin B6 250 mg

Vitamin B12 500 mg

Nicotinamide 2500 mg

Folic acid 25 mg

Biotin 12000 mg

Copper 45 mg

Iron 6000 mg

Manganese 100 mg

Zinc 2000 mg


Adequate intake of vitamins and minerals and improved albumin intake include:

- during the developmental stage, bone growth support, as well as universal growth.

- Improving the energy of even the largest animals

- meeting the increased needs of animals during pregnancy and lactation.

- Improving resistance to stressful situations such as shyness, hunting, travel, etc.

- Adequate consumption of biotin guarantees:

* elastic leather without gunpowder

* dense perfect hair growth

* soft thick hair

* glossy skin with the right distribution of pigments


The tablets are usually consumed at will, otherwise they can be sliced equal and mixed with daily food. After mixing the tablets, it is no longer allowed to cook or heat the food, because this will destroy the vitamins.

We recommend daily administration of one tablet per 10 kg of body weight. weight, which means:

Cats depending on their body weight: 0.5-1 tablet.

Small dogs: 1 tablet.

Medium-sized dogs: 2-3 tablets.

Large dogs: 4 tablets

Pfizer VMP Tablets are adapted to the needs of the animal and dogs and cats consume them immediately with pleasure or after a short period of adjustment.

Contact your veterinarian for more information.


The product remains stable for 24 months as long as it is stored properly in a cool and dry place.

Close the vial well after use.

Keep the product away from children.


The product is carried in plastic vials of 50 tablets.

Beneficiary: Pfizer Inc USA

Made and packaged by Pfizer Gmbh, Karlsruhe, Germany

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