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Felisept Collar

Like humans, animals are also subjected to conditions that can lead to stress reactions. Stress is a physiological reaction of animals when they feel a threat, but when it is prolonged or too intense, it can result in unwanted behaviors or even pathological consequences such as neurosis and depression. Especially for domestic animals, stress situations can lead to overly inconvenient and dangerous behavior, which affects their coexistence with humans. For cats, such undesirable behaviors are mainly problems of socializing and claiming their space. Cats living in a home environment may experience stress symptoms in situations of claiming their space upon the arrival of another cat, another animal such as dogs or even a new face, such as children. Another case of stress symptoms is changing the environment in which the cat is left, such as moving or changing home furniture and moving. Finally, stress can be a visit to a vet, a trip, fireworks, storms, etc.

Stress signs in cats:

    Ugliness in furniture or other items
    Violent behavior such as biting and scratching
    Frequent appetite and lack of appetite
    Hypersensitivity and irritation

The active substance in Felisept is the catnip extract. The substance nefferolactone of the plant, helps to calm the cat and is particularly indicated for problems of social interaction and claim of the site.

Clinical studies have shown that Felisept Home Comfort components, with few days of use, reduce the frequency of problematic stress-related behaviors.

In addition, studies have shown that nefferalactone efficacy is increasing and becomes valuable when its use is used for a long period of time.

Felisept Home Comfort Calming Collar

The calming collar is easy to use. By placing it on the cat's neck, the natural extract of the catnip is released continuously. Felisept has a duration of 30 days. Its proper application is to have a 2-finger gap from her neck


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