Canosept Alpha Trainer 40ml

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Canosept Alpha Trainer 40ml
• Unwanted behaviors such as aggression, annoying jumps, continuous barking and excessive pulling with the leash can be corrected quickly and permanently with the Canosept Alpha Trainer Spray Behavior Correction.
• A dog owner must give his full attention to educating him in the right way. In addition the dog will have to accept his owner as the 'head of the herd'. Alpha Trainer contains the natural pheromone of sovereignty to correct unwanted behaviors. It comes with a sonic effect that attracts the attention of your dog. Pheromone is a semi-chemical element that acts as a means of communication between various species of the animal kingdom.
• The sound effect is a short and sharp whistle that distracts the dog's attention and stops any unwanted behavior. The natural pheromone of sovereignty ensures that the dog recognizes his owner as the 'leader of the herd' and responds to his instructions. It is clinically proven that Alpha Trainer Spray Behavior leads, quickly and reliably, to eliminating unwanted behaviors.
• Aggression
• Annoying jumps
• Fastening
• Pull on the ride
Alpha Trainer should be used with 1 or 2 sprays in the dog's nose at a distance of 30 to 45 cm. Press the spade quickly for about 1 second. It is important to use it during or immediately after the occurrence of unwanted behavior of the dog (eg continuous barking, grunting, unwanted jumps or pulling on the ride). Its delayed use does not guarantee positive results and may make the dog hurt or confused. It is important not to spray directly on the dog's face. The bottle should be in a vertical position and shake before each use. Content lasts up to 40 sprays. It is likely to remain waste when the content is exhausted for safety-related purposes. The ingredient contained is quinoline (natural pheromone).



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