Trixie Avallon Splish Splash Coat from 24,68€

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Small (40cm)
Medium (45cm)
Medium (50cm)
Large (55cm)
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Trixie Avallon Coat

Coat for dogs.

  • made of softshell with soft fleece lining
  • good and secure fit due to anatomical form, specially slanted belly strap, elastic loops for hind legs and drawstring on back
  • more freedom of movement due to split chest area and bi-elastic material
  • windproof and breathable
  • dirt resistant
  • with highly reflecting motif
  • with extra high collar
  • with Velcro fastening
  • colour: black/pink

Size: S (40 cm)
Stomach circum.: 42-52 cm
Length: 40 cm

Size: M (45 cm)
Stomach circum.: 45-60 cm
Length: 45 cm

Size: M (50 cm)
Stomach circum.: 57-70 cm
Length: 50 cm

Size: L (55 cm)
Stomach circum.: 62-74 cm
Length: 55 cm



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