Tips for coolness and walkers

Tips for coolness and walkers

Konstantinos Sfikas


The traffic ban had two main effects on stray animals:

Reduced human activity has led animals to re-claim various sites as their own.

Reduced food -due to a ban on movement and closed restaurants- has caused animals to start starving.

Both caused increased stray aggression in some areas. Unfortunately, we have seen the effects of this aggression on our fellow human beings who have been attacted.

Usually individual animals do not cause problems. These are created by herds.

Some tips for all pedestrians, runners or walkers:

Do not move in areas you know have stray dog herds -especially at night!

Do not move at night in unfamiliar areas -dogs become more protective of their area from sunset to early morning.

If you encounter a herd, it is best to turn back. Dogs will defend their area. They are not generally aggressive towards humans but towards the intruder -invander. If you leave their area, they will usually stop dealing with you.

Don't try to scare them except as a last resort. It is better to be seen as a non-threat to their space than as a given threat.

Take dog treats with you. It will help to distarct them until you are away from their area.

Generally keep your composure and respect their space.

Prevention is better than cure!

So sterilize your pet and don't leave your pet for any reason!

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