Haquoss D16 KH/pH/NH4 Rebux 100ml

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Haquoss D16 KH/pH/NH4 Rebux 100ml

The product is only for freshwater aquariums.

It lowers the value of temporary hardness (KH) and therefore also of pH, neutralizes ammonia NH4, if present. Use with HAQUOSS DM1 - CONDITIONER is recommended

USE: 1 cap = 5ml

1-Test KH and pH of the water to be treated. Optimal values: KH: 4dkh and pH: 7 °.

2-With KH lower than 6dkh and pH lower than 7.5 ° add 1ml every 20 liters of water to be treated, after 24 hours test the water again and if necessary repeat the operation.

3-With higher values ​​double the dose.

4-The doses necessary to reach the desired values ​​cannot be quantified, the dose decreases the pH by about 0.5 ° since a higher decrease is NOT possible without creating problems for the fish present.

5-15ml of HAQUOSS D16-KH / PH / NH4 REDUX for every 100 liters of water in the presence of ammonia over 1mg / liter, aerate the water during the treatment and make a 50% change the next day


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