Happy Dog Fit And Well Medium Adult 1kg

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Happy Dog Fit And Well Medium Adult 1kg

For adult dogs of 11 - 25 kg with normal energy needs {24/12}.

Balanced nutrition with high digestibility with lamb and rice and with the valuable New Zealand mussel.

Adult Medium contains 24% of optimal quality and 12% adjusted fat with the essential unsaturated omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids of valuable animal and plant sources.

The special customized crochet kit with the unique Happy Dog Supreme LifePlus Concept® formula of natural ingredients is suitable for all adult dogs as 11 - 25 kg weight. The energy content is adapted to their natural mobility moment of about 2 -3 hours a day.

INGREDIENTS: Corn poultrymeat powder rice flour lard lamb powder fishmeal poultry fat beef fat hemoglobin (dry) sunflower molasses sunflower slices (0 75%) apple (dry) apple (0%) whole egg powder Sodium (Dry) Potassium Chloride Rape Oil (0 25%) Barley (Enzyme) (0 2%) Sea Seaweed (dry) (0 15%) Linseed (0 15%) Artichokes Lion Ginger Bierkins Nettle Sausage Coriander Rosemary Thyme Licorice mussel meat (dry) (0%) chamomile filipentoula agrioskordo. (grass total: 0 14%).


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