Salmon Oil Oleovita 200ml

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Salmon Oil Oleovita 200ml

Stimulating and regenerating hair, healthy skin, covering nutrient needs and boosting the circulation and the immune system.

Processed extract of ω3 fat from salmon oil of the Atlantic Ocean and various nutrients of high biological value.

Since, in many cases, hair loss is due to the lack of ingredients, Oleovita Salmon Oil comes to complement them by reducing it drastically. In addition, its use gives strength, vitality and shine to the coat while also strengthening the body and immune system of your four-legged friend.


  • Dogs-cats up to 5kg: 2.5ml
  • Dogs-cats 5-10kg: 5ml
  • Dogs 10-20kg: 10ml
  • Dogs 20-40kg: 15ml
  • Dogs over 40kg: 17.5ml

 * The pack contains a graduated syringe in ml.

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