Happy Dog Mini Senior 4kg

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Happy Dog Mini Senior 4kg

Complete feed for elderly dogs up to 10 kg.

With increasing age, the metabolism of our dogs is slowing down. For the protection of internal organs, the amounts of protein, sodium and phosphorus should be reduced in their diet. However, the energy content of the diet should be reduced only slightly.

Happy Dog Mini Senior is made from 5 valuable protein sources and is therefore a particularly well-balanced food.

It is enriched with dietary fiber specific for the digestive system, vitamin C, New Zealand mussels and L-carnitine.

It is complemented by the unique Happy Dog Natural Life Concept ® with natural ingredients such as artichoke and chicory.

Contains protein from poultry, salmon, fish, lamb, eggs / Carbohydrates: rice, corn

INGREDIENTS: Corn poultry proteins rice flour poultry fat salmon fishmeal lamb hemoglobin potato protein hydrolysed liver oil sunflower oil sugar beet apple pulp (0%) rape seed oil sodium chloride potassium chloride seaweed (0 15%) flaxseed (0 15%) (0 0%) ginger dick (0 0%) dandelion ginger leaves birch nettle chamomile coriander rosemary sage root licorice thyme dried herbs total: 0 14%)

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