Josera Sensicat 10kg

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Josera Sensicat 10kg

For adult whimsical cats with digestive sensitivity.

The specially designed lightweight recipe with selected high quality ingredients gives JOSERA SensiCat high digestibility.

  • Ideal for all adult cats and cats with sensitive digestive system
  • Delicious and digestible recipe thanks to the high quality of raw materials
  • Maintaining natural urine acidity pH 6.0-6.5 to prevent the formation of urine

• Rich in dietary fiber to help eliminate hair loss through the digestive tract

Composition: poultry meat, corn, rice, defatted beef and pig meat, poultry fat, sugar beet pulp, hydrolysed poultry protein, maize gluten, dehydrated poultry liver, mono-sodium phosphate, potassium chloride.

 Analysis: 33% protein, 18% fats and oils, 2% fibrous substances, 7.5% ash, 1.3% calcium, 1.2% phosphorus,

 Metabolisable energy: 16.6 MJ / kg (3963 kcal / kg)

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