Haquoss DM2 Alive 1000ml

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Haquoss DM2 Alive 1000ml

A newly installed aquarium with clean filter material is almost sterile. Without active help, several weeks can pass before a stable bacterial fauna develops, with the consequent formation and proliferation of harmful substances that threaten the life of the aquarium, such as ammonia and nitrite, which are fatal for fish.

HAQUOSS DM2 is a concentrated high-yield mixed culture composed of selected purifying elements that act as soon as they are inserted into the aquarium where the decomposition of harmful substances begins.

The elements present eliminate dangerous substances such as ammonia and nitrite produced by fish and decompose the slime reducing the mud present on the seabed and in the filter thanks to the help of the enzymes of which they are composed. Other elements contained in the product eliminate the remains of plants and food, the excrement of fish and organic clouding agents. HAQUOSS DM2 profoundly enhances the self-cleaning capacities of all fresh and saltwater aquariums by optimizing the clarity of the water and reducing stress. Fish will live healthier and better.


NEW INSTALLATION AQUARIUMS: 10ml per 100lt of water daily for 10 days

MAINTENANCE DOSAGE: 25ml per 100lt of water once a week.

1 CAP = 5ml

50ml treat 500lt

100ml treat 1000lt

250ml treat 2500lt

1000ml treat 10,000lt

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