Lactopet Kitten 200gr

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Lactopet Kitten 200gr

Lactopet Kitten is a full-fledged instant, instant, ready-to-eat formula intended for the artificial breastfeeding of kittens. It contains fatty acids, vitamins, trace elements and amino acids that promote growth, vigor and good functioning of the immune system of puppies.

Synthesis: milk powder substitute, fatty acids, selenium, methionine, trace elements, vitamins. It does not contain ingredients from tissues of animal origin.

Instructions for use-dosing: Dissolve the required amount of powder into lukewarm water and shake well. Store in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours.

 Puppies: 8g of powder in 50ml of water.

 Recomented amount of meals 4-6 per day.

Quantity of the kitten's will.

Growing Dogs: 6g in 50ml of water.

Up to 250ml daily.

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