Dr. Clauder's Joint Serum 100ml

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Dr. Clauder's Joint Serum 100ml

Dr. Clauder's Joint Serum 100ml, high in hyaluronic acid, glucosamine sulphate and chondroitin, and hydrolyzed gelatin, helps the joints regain stability and mobility. Ideal for young and adult dogs of large breeds and for all elderly dogs.

Designed by vets and professional breeders.
Animal cruelty free.
Administration: 15ml / 10kg SB
Because of the high vitamin D3 content, it is not recommended that the daily intake exceeds 8 doses.
Composition: Vegetable oils, hydrolysed gelatin (5%), dried poultry protein, pineapple powder, papaya powder, glucosamine sulphate (2%), chondroitin sulphate (2%), hyaluronic acid (0.2%).
Analysis: 6% protein, 16.5% fat, 0.9% fibrous, 0.5% ash, 67% moisture.




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