IMAC Bird Cage Luna Blue-White 40x65cm

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IMAC Bird Cage Luna Blue-White 40x65cm

Luna is a round cage for canaries and small birds of medium size, available in net colors, white combined with avio blue plastic bottom and brass-plated net with brown background. It has two openings with a convenient closing hook to access the cage safely. This pleasant cage is supplied complete with accessories such as: a swing, two perches, a Tweety 100 drinker and two Star feeders in transparent plastic, easily filled with food from the outside. Maintenance and cleaning of the cage will be facilitated by the two convenient removable drawers. You will be able to place the Luna cage in the most suitable environment thanks to the comfortable Portagabbie 219.

Size: 40x65cm (d x h)

*The size refers to the external dimensions of the product.



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