Dog walking


The importance of walking in dog psychology

Konstantinos Sfikas


Very often we hear people say about a small dog "this dog is small and does not want a ride". But is that true? Are there any issues besides the need to exercise the animal that the owner has to deal with regarding his little friend's psychology?

Everyone agrees that a person's prolonged stay in the same place - for example at home - can affect the person by making him or her nervous. This applies to both young and old. The dog is an animal with high intelligence. His intelligence is similar to that of a child 3-4 years or older in some cases. And it can be affected in the same way that people are affected by certain things. One of them is the need to change the environment.

A walk on the same roads may seem like a boring routine for some people. The same streets, the same houses ... The main sensory organ of man is vision. But for the dog, however, its most developed sense is the smell, which is up to 10,000 times more powerful than humans.

Every walk for the dog becomes a unique experience, as it can identify with humans, other dogs and other animals that have recently passed through it. Having previously left his mark on an area through urination, he monitors whether other "invaders" in his area have passed. Or if he is passing through an area for the first time, he makes sure to leave a message with his signs for the next passersby: "I was here". This is why we often see our dog often walk around with his nose down and insist on smelling different spots - and often marking them!

It goes without saying that we should never forget the need for our four-legged friend to exercise, which has multiple benefits both to his health and to his psychology as the puppy gets out.

Therefore, exercise should be an important part of our dog's daily life, as it improves both his physical health and his psychological balance. And of course, the ride also involves exercise and relaxation for the owner, with all the positive consequences!




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